How to install the driver without exe and bat files




Example:RZ608 WiFi driver (以RZ608 WiFi驱动示例):

If AMD RZ608 doesn't work in Ubuntu, try updating the kernel to version 5.17.如果AMD RZ608 在Ubuntu无法使用,请尝试将内核更新至 5.17 版本。

RZ608 WiFi driver zip download

1.Download the driver from the support (从支持页面下载驱动程序)





2.Extract the driver you have downloaded.(全部解压)





3.Search and open: Device Manager(搜索并打开:设备管理器)



4.Right click on the faulty driver(右键单击有感叹号的设备)




5.Click Browse, find the downloaded driver in the pop-up window, click OK, click Next (点击浏览,在弹出的窗口中找到下载好的驱动,点击确定,点击下一步)





6.If you see the picture as shown below, the driver has been installed successfully.(如下图所示,驱动安装成功。)


Done! After all error messages in Device Manager are gone, it means all drivers are installed.